Smart Platform

Smart Platform is a subscription service that provides access to our PeopleSoft environment generating automation for the AWS cloud. Clients retain responsibility for supporting and maintaining their PeopleSoft applications but can use Smart Platform to generate PeopleSoft environments using our scripts and containers. Smart Platform allows you to launch, terminate, back up, refresh, scale-up, and scale down environments, on an ad hoc or scheduled basis, using our scripts and containers. The result is substantial savings on your infrastructure spend and highly robust and consistent environments available exactly when you want them.

More About Smart Platform

Key Features

smart EMS


assembly line

Environments can be maintained in an extremely consistent fashion throughout the pillar since environments are created using the same automations;


Infrastructure is provisioned on a pay-as-you-go basis rather than over provisioning and paying for all your infrastructure up front;


Environments can be terminated during non-business hours, nights and weekends, which saves you money.

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