Your cost. Better outcome. These are the core values of TBGI’s business.

By outsourcing some or all of your PeopleSoft application, Oracle database or AWS infrastructure support and maintenance to TBGI, you’ll pay about the same as an internal team, but you’ll get our standard configurations and upgrade scripts; or, should you choose to migrate your PeopleSoft implementation to AWS, you’ll get the benefit of Smart EMS, our proprietary PeopleSoft-environment-building automations.  You’ll get a better outcome:  more consistent and robust environments available only when you need them.


About Us

TBGI has been providing services since 1998, first locally, now nationwide.  Originally TBGI provided customers only with PeopleSoft development consulting services.  In 2006, TBGI began providing PeopleSoft environment management services; and in 2015, TBGI began providing AWS infrastructure management services.

Today, managed services constitute three quarters of TBGI’s business.  The remainder is consulting work comprised of Smart Planner implementations and short-term consulting work.

TBGI does own and market two proprietary solutions:  Smart EMS and Smart Platform

PeopleSoft Application, Oracle Database Managed, and Consulting Services

Smart EMS

Smart EMS is a set of proprietary, TBGI-custom automations that work together with delivered AWS functionality to automate the creation and administration of PeopleSoft environments in the AWS cloud.

break fix

Break-fix Support

TBGI provides PeopleSoft-customizations-break-fix support as a managed service on a 24/7-on-call basis. TBGI’s guiding principles of your cost, better outcome absolutely apply to its PeopleSoft-customizations-break-fix support services.

Environment Management Services

TBGI seeks to, over time, standardize environments based on its own best-practices configurations and scripts and automate processes whenever possible.

Smart Platform

Smart Platform is a subscription service that uses proprietary scripts and containers to launch, terminate, back up, refresh and scale your PeopleSoft environments in the AWS cloud. Smart Platform enables you to schedule downtime for your non-production environments and relaunch the environments prior to normal business hours. Your staff remains responsible for supporting and maintaining your PeopleSoft applications, but using Smart Platform will enable them to schedule, scale, back up and refresh your environments with perfect consistency.

Smart Development

Smart Development is TBGI’s PeopleSoft enhancements development as a managed service. Clients purchase, at their cost of a developer, an agreed amount of budgeted work each month. Each project assigned TBGI is assigned an agreed number of budgeted hours, and TBGI delivers an agreed amount of budgeted work each month. Customers effectively receive development services at their cost and productivity and TBGI’s quality. Smart Development is a great way to augment your existing staff with a very talented pool of PeopleSoft developers.

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