Smart EMS

Smart EMS is TBGI’s PeopleSoft environment management service for the AWS cloud. As part of this service, we use some proprietary solutions that completely automate the creation of PeopleSoft environments. Smart EMS will help reduce your AWS spend and improve your PeopleSoft productivity by making all the environments you need available when, and only when, you need them.

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More About Smart EMS

With Smart EMS you can schedule downtime (nights and weekends) for your non-production environments.  You can scale your production environments to include additional web and app servers during the day, and fewer at night.  Your environments will autoscale for small variations in traffic during the day and can be massively scaled for known events like registration or reporting.  

New environments can be created with very little notice to accommodate ad hoc projects.  Your environments are built based on an extremely well tested architecture, so the environments are exceptionally robust.  All of the above saves you money and makes you more productive.  


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Environments can be maintained in an extremely consistent fashion throughout the pillar since environments are created using the same automations.

Infrastructure is provisioned on a pay-as-you-go basis rather than over provisioning and paying for all your infrastructure up front.


Environments can be terminated during non-business hours, nights and weekends, which saves you money.

Environments can be massively scaled up, just before registration or period-end reporting, and then scaled down very quickly thereafter.

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