Smart Planner is a PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 bolt-on that has been licensed and implemented by 21 universities as of late 2017.  Smart Planner creates an individualized, optimized study plan, for a student's remaining career, based on a student's declared major, transcript to date, the published schedule of classes and typically offered course information in the course catalog.  Other planning tools create a check list with completed requirements indicated.  Only Smart Planner goes the next step to actually recommend a shortest-path course sequence for the remainder of a student's career.  That is to say, only Smart Planner provides answers instead of questions.  Smart Planner will:

  • Consider a student's currently existing transcript;
  • Apply the student's chosen degree requirements; and
  • Automatically generate a recommended, multi-semester course sequence through graduation.

PeopleSoft Academic Advising is great for degree checkout but does not provide an easy way for students to plan for next semester, much less for the years ahead.  Undergrads typically spend 15-30 minutes with their advisors every semester, mainly to determine their upcoming schedules.  

Smart Planner alleviates advising drudgery so that advisors can focus more on student development and academic success.  Smart Planner saves time for advisors and gives students a tool to own and understand their plan.  

This tool would benefit any higher education institution going through increased enrollments, higher demand for accountability (retention and graduation rates), and increasing advisor to student ratios.    For more information, please see the HEUG webinar and other presentations linked below or contact us.

HEUG Webinar Smart Planner 3.0:  Getting Smarter and Smarter (Slides) 10212015

HEUG Webinar Smart Planner 3.0:  Getting Smarter and Smarter (Demo Part 1) 10212015

HEUG Webinar Smart Planner 3.0:  Getting Smarter and Smarter (Demo Part 2) 10212015

HEUG Webinar Smart Planner 3.0:  Getting Smarter and Smarter (Demo Part 3) 10212015

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